Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Yayy!! It's midnight again, and here I am blogging after a long day of class. I think this will be my recent most efficient blog post because I'm just too excited and I just can't wait to write about it!! If you guys follow me on my Instagram or read my previous blog post, you will know that I have participated in ChurpOut2013 last Saturday at Setia City Park!!

I'm so happy and really a big thank you to ChurpChurp for inviting me to be one of the fashion icon and also a vendor during this event. If you guys came and support, you will know that my booth sold phone accessories and also many cool and cute phone cases. LOL... Thank you to those that came and support, for those that did not support,  this is for you >>> *death stare* Hahahhaha....

So I arrived around 10am to set up my booth, and when I arrived I was so amazed towards the location. It was such a huge and wonderful park, filled with greenery and beautiful sky that has lots of cotton candy clouds. XD ChurpOut2013 is really an event that I was looking forward to this year, as it is one of the biggest street fair in Malaysia, and also the biggest annually event that is organize by ChurpChurp!!

The whole day was filled with awesome food, activity and also performance. The best thing is, I get to meet many of my favorite bloggers.

I was so glad that I met Cheesie after so long. It has been a year since we last met, and so happy that she still remember me!!! I can really say that she is the friendliest blogger that I have ever met!! I do not know how to describe how good she is, but I can just say that she is a person that you can so easily talk to. Cheesie I hope that you could read this, and I totally admire you alot!! *fanboy moment* wtf..LOL

The cute and petite Audrey aka Fourfeetnine!! So happy to see her again, and she is another blogger that always have a smile on her face. She looks younger than me... OMG!! Maybe it's my hair, that's why I look so much older. LOL...XD

 Hello pretty ladies!! Hahhaa... I think I am very lucky to share the same tent with these 3 cute and pretty bloggers huh? From left: Melissa, Me, Jessica (my junior..LOL) and Lumi 

I would also love to give a big thank you to my mum for helping me out that day!! Thank you so much for waking up so early, and doing mostly all the sales that day.. LOL 

Overall, I am very happy to be part of ChurpOut2013, which is a street fair with a cause as a portion of profit from this event will be donated to selected NGO partners to help the unfortunate. I think it is really a meaningful event organized by ChurpChurp, and also an event that everyone should participate more in the future!! Lastly, I would want to thank everyone that came and support my booth and bought something from me. I am also very glad to have readers and followers taking picture with me, and telling me how much they support me!! A big fat thank you to all of my readers and followers, as you guys are my motivation in blogging more and I promise to share more interesting stuff to all of you!!


Moving on, how can I not talk bout my outfit of the day? 

Since it's such a wonderful day with great weather, bright colours will be more than appropriate to go out with. I wanted to have a more bright and lively look, so this bright blue check shirt was my first choice when I open my closet. Since I wanted to make my look alot more fun, I opted for my bright blue shoes to match perfectly with my outer layer top.   

You know what bright sun brings you? Yes!! Hot weather and lots of sweat!! Hahhahaha... When it was getting hotter, I decided to take off my shirt and tied it around my waist to create a more layering visual. Not just that, the monochromatic t-shirt gave a very balance tone towards the entire outfit. Since it is a street fair, I also wanted to create a more street style look. Check out my ripped jeans, it is just so suitable to be on the street. wtf!! LOL...  

Blue Check Shirt from Zara
T-Shirt from H&M
Ripped Jeans from Bangkok 

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