Saturday, October 5, 2013


Sometimes when taking my outfit pictures, it is actually quite a hard task for me to find the perfect setting and background to compliment my outfit. Especially when I go to uni, I have probably snap every corner that looks nice. So it's hard for me to find a new background, and of course I won't want to repeat the same background for every outfit post. 

So for this outfit, I wanted a background that has more green, something that has the feel of more nature. If you study in Taylor's, I think you will know where this place is. LOL... I can say it's actually quite hard to snap my outfit pictures here because I have to climb in to this rocky place, which it's actually a small river with flowing water. The rocks is so uneven that whenever I try to walk or change poses, I will nearly just fall down. XD Maybe pictures of me falling down will be more interesting huh? Hahahhaha....

So back to this outfit, I think it's an outfit that fits perfectly well with nature. I love the printed pants which has bird and floral prints on it, making the whole outfit looking so lively and of course a sense of nature. I think nature will be the keyword for this outfit. LOL... I always try not to overwhelm the entire look especially when I'm going to class, so I chose a simple black shirt to match with this printed pants. A statement necklace is an essential for me to reduce the dullness of my top. 

Printed Pants from 黑街

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