Sunday, September 8, 2013


Being a fashion blogger, all that I can say it's not really an easy job. People outside may think that all we do is take pictures, and post it. But what they do not know is the time we use to match the perfect combination of outfit, the time we use to find a great setting with great lighting for the shoot, the time we choose and edit the pictures, and of course the content that we write. So for what I think, It's really sometimes quite hard to talk or describe about each and every outfit.

So when I have no inspiration in writing, I will always look back at my outfit, and I love how fashion could bring out so many great inspiration to me. This is why I love to mix and match different element and details together, because it's a source of inspiration.

So for this outfit, I wanted to mix simple with something more edgy and attractive. This is why I matched the top with a basic black t-shirt with the more exotic prints pants. The colour flow compliment each other with both black top and bottoms, but to spice it up, the spikes on the pants and the white shoe create a great contrast.

 T-shirt from 黑街

 Skeleton bracelet from mens_wardrobe
 Cap from mens_wardrobe

Sling bag from mens_wardrobe

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