Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Don't feel to random about the title, "where is the love"? When I wanted to blog, I have this thought that is running in my mind, and I just want to share it here. This is why I love blogging, cause whenever you have something to express or some personal opinion, this place of mine is always good for me to rant... or maybe I should say share? LOL... So the love that I am saying here is not about couple love, but the love to family and friends.Sometimes I find it quite disappointing that even family or close friends could be so unsupportive on the things that we do. Everyone has a passion and interest in life, that's why we will work hard to achieve it. As a family member or friends, they should be supportive and give more positive encouragement rather than not showing the support but mocking and condemn on us. We should show more love and support to our family and friends, giving out more positive energy, and making everyone to love and to be loved. :)

Alright, getting back to topic and not wandering too far, let's get back on track. Hahaha... I am so happy that September is officially my blog's first birthday!!LOL... It has been a year that I am actively blogging and trying to be a better fashion blogger. I am also glad that I decided a year ago to change my deadly blog to my personal fashion blog, and of course thanking all of you for reading and supporting!! Muackzz... :*

So for this outfit, I wanted to have a more clean look but not looking boring. You know how sometimes white shirt could make you look like a school kid (or maybe a waiter? XD)? Hahhahaa... But just look at the prints on the sleeve, so exotic and special, it totally spice up the whole white plain shirt. To avoid looking overall too polite, I matched it with this camouflage pants which could bring out the more tough and energetic feel of the whole outfit.

Shirt from Fashion Story (Instagram: thefashion_story)
Camouflage Pants from Fashion Story
Accessories/ Boots from Singapore 

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