Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you do follow me closely on my FB and Instagram, you will know that I have cut my hair shorter and also dyed a new colour. If you do not know it, go check my FB now!! Hahhaa... So obviously this is a picture I took before I had my new haircut, and looking back at this pictures makes me really happy that I made the decision to change my hair colour. It is really annoying when your fringe is starting to get into your eyes, and those hair spiking out just like a porcupine on the edge. LOL... Not to mention, the ugly black roots >.<

So for this outfit, it was another normal school day where I have to wear formal to class. I can just say that I always do not wear full formal, but formal with a little twist. I am not really a formal person, so it's really hard for me to wear full formal to school, especially on such a hot day.

I found this very striking and vivid top to be the perfect combination with my white pants. It's usually very easy to pair something with white, because it will seldom go wrong. I love how yellow and blue compliment each other so well, and of course half length sleeve is something that I opted for on such hot weather. Maybe this is not really formal, but I consider it as formal with some twist. :)

Shirt from 黑街

Accessories from Singapore 


Something that I would like to share with all of you. If you are a K-Pop fans, and love anything that is related to Korea, come and join me at Taylor's University Hallyu Festival that is happening on the 28th September 2013!! This is an event that is organize by my university, and I hope that all of you could come and show some support. There will be many fashion, food, merchandise booth and also performance from some famous k-pop dance crew in Malaysia. 

If you love Korean culture or K-Pop, grab your tickets by contacting the number above or just PM their FB page. I will be there too, see you guys there!! :)

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