Friday, September 13, 2013


Who says that black and white is always boring? It's just like a plain white paper, when there is nothing on it, it looks simple and normal. But when something is drawn on it, there will be a different attraction and somehow become interesting. 

So same goes with this outfit. Black and white has always been my favourite colour in my closet, and I really like how they compliment and match each other so well, just like the perfect couple. Lol.... So for this outfit, I like the combination of black and white on both my top and bottom, and of course the details on it. 

Details and patterns is always so important for an outfit, because it brings out the whole attraction for the look. I really love the details on my top, which makes the whole look so fun. The pants is something that I have been dying for so long, I love how monotone straight lines have such great effect in enhancing your whole body structure and also making something simple interesting.

Necklace from 黑街

Oversize Top from 黑街

Accessories from Singapore

Monotone Pants from 黑街

Shoes from Singapore
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