Saturday, September 21, 2013


So since classes has start, I know that I will not have much time to blog as often as in during my holidays. It's a Friday night now, TGIF because finally I could take some breath and sit down to blog. People usually use their Friday night to party, but I think I will just choose to sit in my comfy chair and start blogging here. LOL... 

Recently many of my friends is pursuing their studies overseas, so we had a farewell dinner with one of my best friend Yieng last week before she went off to UK at Milk and Butter, Bangsar. So sorry for the late post, but I bet she has already started her shopping spree there. Hahhaa...

It was really a great night of bonding with all my classmates and of course good company comes with great food. So here are some of the dishes that we ordered that night, make sure to prepare a tissue to wipe your saliva. Hahhahaa.. XD

The food was really yummy and it was also a good place for a night of gathering and chatting with my friends. I hope that she is enjoying her life in UK and also study hard!! One year will past very quickly, and we will meet soon. :)

With Yieng, see you next year :)

Of course I have not forgotten about my outfit, so this was what I wore that day.
Actually the theme of the night was neon green or yellow, and I think I'm the only one that has fit the criteria. LOL... I really like the fabric of this shirt as it is very soft and thin, making the whole outfit looks so comfortable, and also wearing it feels comfortable. 

Since neon green is such a bright colour, I opted for a denim pants to match with it. The prints on the shirt is also something very special. Birds that is flying out from cages, just like how we are now. Growing older and learning to be independent, flying out from the comfort zone of family pamper and facing the real world. 

Neon Shirt from mens_wardrobe 
Denim Pants from H&M

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