Sunday, September 1, 2013


There should not be any limit in life, we should always breakthrough obstacles that is limiting us, and aim to achieve something higher. It's the same in fashion, where there should not be any limit or stereotype, because the fashion world is always evolving so quickly, and should not be judge whether it's right or wrong. 

So if you look at this outfit, it's really a breakthrough for me, because I know that I'm very skinny, and I don't feel comfortable and confident wearing singlet out. Just look at all my previous outfit, I will always pair it with a jacket or blazer if I'm wearing singlet inside.

But since this singlet has all the details and colours on it, and looks perfectly well as an individual, I did not want to add on anything else to overwhelm the whole look. It was also a perfect day out with my friends for lunch and high tea, so I think I should try just wearing singlet out as itself with the hot weather despite that I know I look skinny in singlet. LOL... We gotta get up and try, try, try...  (Pink's song in my head) XD

Me and and my friends went to Bangsar and had Antipodean's "Big Breakfast"!! Yumm..yumm...yumm... Yes, it's so delicious that I have to repeat the yumm.. LOL..... I really like the mushroom, the eggs and the bacon. So literally I love everything on the plate. It's a must try!! :)

 Dip Crispies
 Brownies Crepe
Waffle Stick

After our BIG breakfast, all of us is craving for something sweet. Dipndip will be the best choice if you are a chocolate lover. Personally, my favorite is the chocolate crepe. But this time we ordered the brownies crepe, it's the same just that there is brownies in the middle. They have another which is the marshmallow crepe, which there is marshmallow in the middle of the crepe.

I love this setting for outfit shoot, and I think it's a great breakthrough for me in wearing singlet. We have to be daring enough to try on something new, and don't ever limit our self. Fashion is all about trying and daring :)

Singlet from 黑街 

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