Monday, August 5, 2013


So recently I have bought a new DSLR, the Canon EOS 100D. I really can't wait to take it out and play with it to shoot my new outfit post. So for this outfit, it is all taken by my new camera and I really like the outcome and the overall details of my outfit and the pictures.

I personally love this outfit combination a lot, and it's lucky that I wore this outfit out that day, as the weather was so hot at one time, and suddenly you see the rain pouring. I think it's like life, an unpredictable weather. We will never know what is ahead of us, and in every stages of life we have to just overcome the problems and move on. When it comes, there is nothing that we can do but to face and solve the problems.  *lesson of life 101* Hahahhaha....

It is always so comfortable to be in loose outfit, just like this oversize baseball top and the pants too. Another addition of this outfit is the prints and details that compliment each other so well, with vivid colours and unusual prints on the top and the pants. Although it's a black-black match, I paired it with my red studded shoe that create a pop of colour visual to reduce the dullness overall. 

Another element that I love is the floral cap that I'm wearing. Many people will think that guy wearing floral will be less attractive, but the floral prints could really make your whole look more attractive. And I think that the colours of the floral prints blends well with my hair colour. LOL...

Floral Cap from 黑街
Oversize Top from 黑街
Pants from 黑街

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