Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Oh no, I just realize that I have not updated this space for a week. I'm so sorry, because I'm just back from Singapore. Did not did much there, but will update bout my trip soon. :)  So although it's midnight now and I'm having a bad headache, I will still update a little. LOL

So when someone mention about price tag, it will always reminds me of Jessie J's song "it's not about the money, money,money" Hahhaa... So yeah, everything it's not about the money. I believe you will have seen what I'm wearing now before, and I think that fashion should have 3R too. To reduce, reuse and recycle. XD What's the point of buying something that you can't wear more than once right? 

Some people will go for branded stuff, but for me I go for what I like. I think that cheap stuff could also mix and match into something awesome, it's not about the price, not about the name, but it's about the style. You can buy fashion, but you can't buy style. So who cares if it's an inspired piece or something that is cheap with no brand, most importantly is to wear it with a distinct style that makes you looks special. You could just mix and match what you have in your closet with some other stuff, and wear it over and over again with a different style and look. 

So just reduce shopping, and reuse what you have in your closet, if it's something that not suitable for you already, you could always recycle it by donating to the ones that is in need. How great that fashion could make this world a better place right? Hahahha :)

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