Saturday, August 24, 2013


So I had my sem break for the last 3 weeks, and class is gonna start next Monday! Why time passes so fast when it's holiday :( So during this whole holiday, I actually did not do anything special. The only place I went to was Singapore last weekend, just to visit my relatives over there. So there is actually nothing much to talk about for this trip. LOL

So for this post, I don't think there is much to say, but there is many pictures to see. Hahaha...

So before I start, I will show you this crazy collection room of Stitch. If you are a Stitch lover, you can totally go insane in here!! When I uploaded this picture to Instagram, everyone was asking me where is this place in Singapore. Let me tell you guys, this is actually my uncle's house, and he is a big Stitch fans. He has a room just for all his collection, and there is even air-conditioner in the room (for the toys) LOL. He travel to Japan a lot, so I think there is where he bought most of all this cool toys from. Btw, the one that I'm holding on my hand is call Cheburashka. I think it's very cute. XD

So this is where the tourist me starts. LOL... The artwork above is from a hallway towards Marina Bay. I have not been to Marina Bay at night, because the last trip I went was during day time, so for this trip I wanted to check out the beautiful scenery of Marina Bay at night. (time for pictures, pictures and pictures. Just being a typical tourist) Hahahhaha...XD

Just look at the awesome scenery that is fill with colourful lights. It was really windy that night, and this explain why my hair is so messy in the pictures. LOL... But the point is I really like how relaxing it is to walk around Marina Bay at night, feeling the wind and the breeze, looking at family and people having their evening walk/jog. With all the lights from all the tall building surrounding it, it has lighten up the whole place and making it so lively. There is even a fountain show, with led lights, smoke and bubbles. I have uploaded a few instavideo at my Instagram, you can go over to check it out!! :)

Have you heard of MOS Burger? It's actually from japan, and you can't find it here in Malaysia. But luckily it's everywhere in Singapore, and my sis love it a lot. So we had this burger like literally everyday. LOL... It's actually quite special, because the typical burger bun is replace with Japanese rice, like those in sushi. So it's kinda like a burger sushi. Hahaha... XD 

Welcome to Haji Lane. It was my last day here, so my cousin from Singapore brought us to Haji Lane, where it's a lane something like Malacca. They have boutique and shops on both sides, and also some awesome mural on the wall of the lane.  

 My beautiful mama

 Cousin and siblings :)

So that's all for my short trip to Singapore. I really want to go to Universal Studio Singapore on my next trip here :( The ticket price is actually quite expensive, have to start saving from now!!

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