Friday, August 9, 2013


Alright, this blog post will be something about my random thoughts and also a post to express and rant about my feelings. LOL... If you read my title, you will be thinking why haters? I will talk about that later, but let me talk about my life recently first. :)

Since it's holiday for me now, I am totally in my relax mode and just using all the time to have fun and enjoy life. I know it will be another hectic and pressure sem once my classes starts next month, so this is the best time for me to enjoy. If you follow my Instagram, you will realize that I'm eating a lot lately, and also going to many cafe to enjoy coffee. Recently I'm addicted to coffee art, but not the coffee (LOL), and I just like how amazing and special about coffee art is. Don't you think so? :)

My new favourite hangout place for coffee recently will be Coffea Coffee at SS15. (don't stalk me there ya, hahahha)  I love how the ambience could be so relaxing, and so cozy to sit there just enjoying your cup of coffee and of course the accompany with my best friends.

I purposely dip my lips in to have this coffee mustache. Looking good? LOL

So speaking about life, of course it's doing what you like, and what you're happy about. So whenever I'm with them, we will definitely have a camera reunion. Snapping pictures till the battery die!! It's true, all our phones battery literally died because we were using it to the max to snap pictures. LOL

So it's time now to get to the point. I know the word "haters gonna hate", and yes I do agree. But since they could "express" on what they feel on other people, I think it's also fair for me to EXPRESS my perspective on what I feel. Everyone have their own life, and also their own individual lifestyle. Recently when my instavideo went to the popular page, there is so many hate comments. I know that it's normal because I seen many other pictures and videos on Instagram's popular page having the same problem. But for me, what I think is if you dislike or hate someone, why don't just ignore it? Why do haters have to comment bad things on other peoples pictures/video when it has nothing to do with them?

The reason why I'm piss is because people nowadays is not trying to make the world a better place, but to add in hatred in everything. The comment that I received is like "you are ugly",  "ewww, asian", "I don't like your face, your style" and etc!! If you really don't like something, just STFU and F off!! I have no interest in knowing what you feel and you can keep all of your racist and judgmental bullshit to yourself!! Why must people be so judgmental when no one in this world is perfect? Haters, you should really go get a life and enjoy your own life!! Don't judge and hate on someone that have totally no relation to you or your life!! I know it's part of just getting use to it, and just forget bout the haters because there is still many people that love me. Right? (Say yes!! LOL)

So as a conclusion, I have to use this sentence again "haters gonna hate". I should just ignore people that hate me and love more on the people that supports me. Muackzzz :* It's my life, I will go on and have fun, and most importantly be myself. Sorry haters, I don't care what you think. :) 


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