Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So let me tell you guys something. I think the hardest part in blogging will be thinking a title for the blog post. LOL... I will always crack my head and try to think for a title that could be relevant to my outfit. So every time I have a new outfit post, I will look through my outfit over and over again, finding some words that is relevant to be the post title. So as for this outfit, it will be Go Gold. Hahahhaa... 

It is actually quite relevant right? Just try to spot how many gold stuff is there in this outfit? My gold baroque print t-shirt, matched with my Swag 3D gold cap, gold cross necklace and my robot gold shoe. XD So this is how I think of blog post title, the most colour in the outfit. LOL.. Maybe in future there will be Go Black/Blue/Red etc...? Hahahhahaha XD

Since gold is already a loud and bright colour, I wanted the others to stay minimalistic and simple. Most importantly suitable to wear in this hot weather here in Malaysia. :) 
p/s: will be going to Singapore this weekend, so any Singaporean readers here? Remember to say hi if you see me on the street :) 

 Gold Baroque Print t-shirt from 黑街

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