Saturday, July 27, 2013


So to be a little different from my previous outfit, which was many black and white, this time I decided to go for something more extreme, playing with prints on prints and of course many colourful details.

I know sometimes we like to play it the safe way, keeping up just with some dull colour. That's me too sometimes, but for this time, I wanted to give it a new try. Recently I'm totally in love with details on my t-shirt, just like this one I'm wearing. Colourful and precise details that looks so vivid, totally create the whole visual attraction.

Another element that I like a lot recently is shirt on waist. This trend has totally come back and became a hit as you can see many models and celebrity is having this style too. So I match this Simpson denim shirt tied on my waist with my quarter harem pants, both of them which is also rich in prints and details. 

As I mention before, when I'm lazy to style my hair, a cap will always be my best choice because cap has the SWAG!! LOL.. I really love this 3D swag cap that my friend bought for me as my birthday present.

 Bart Simpson denim shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】

 KTZ inspired pants from 黑街

Diamond Print T-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】


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