Monday, July 22, 2013


It was such a hectic and busy weekend for me, from MV shooting to attending event. If you do follow my Instagram, you will know that I'm shooting a MV for local group artist- Gina!! Can't wait till the MV is release, should be around end of August (I think, haha) Although it was very busy, but I still enjoy the process and I'm also very glad to meet many new friends. :)

I still have so many outfit post to update, but have been quite busy, so delay abit. 2 more exams paper to go lagi!! Haizz... Even the sponsors is rushing me already, hahahhaha I'm sorry >.< I always love the colour black and white, and I think it's also the most basic and simple colour to match any outfit. Whenever I have not enough time to think on my outfit, I will just grab anything black or white. LOL

So same goes to this outfit, one simple black shirt matched with monochrome exotic prints pants. I always wanted to try something more appealing at the bottom, it's kinda boring if it's always your top the attraction. So I love how this monochrome details on the pants compliment so well with the simple black shirt. When you don't have prints on top, go bottom. LOL

Since it was such a sunny day, it's more than suitable for me to wear this big round shades to go with this monochrome outfit. The sun, the colour and the shades, great opportunity for me to act cool. Hahhaahahha...

 Monochrome Print Pants from 黑街

Gold Collar Cuff from 黑街


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