Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello again, it's another late night post. I just like to do things when it's late at night, maybe I'm a vampire. (too much Vampire Diaries, LOL) I just feel that when it's midnight, everyone at home is sleeping, I will have the mood to write and study even though I'm sleepy. So it's the same for now, choosing to blog at this time of the hour (2.35am) and I still have MV shooting tomorrow. *will update more on the MV shooting soon, stay tune on my blog :)*

I really dream that I could go to Paris now, enjoy the romantic and artistic atmosphere there. Although I have been to Paris before, but that was when I was young, and that time I totally did not know how to enjoy it. So for now, I will dream that I'm in Paris, and one day my dream will come true. LOL... Actually speaking of Paris, it was actually the setting of this outfit shoot. When my friend took this pictures, he said that the background feel is like Paris street. Maybe he is just lying to me because he just wanted me to snap my outfit pic quick. Haha.. I am actually quite picky on the location to snap my pictures, cause I want it to look nice. Hehe :) So do you think it has some Paris feel in here?

So coming back to this outfit, I bet you have saw it on my previous blog post about Chatime press conference event. You know how black and white will always be the safe colour and the best colour to match, so I wanted to wear something more simple and minimalistic. This oversize sweater is just so easy to match with and also so comfy wearing it. To keep things simple, I did not overwhelm the outfit with too many accessories, but just with one eagle necklace that match perfectly with the prints on my sweater.

I love how prints could be so alive, which makes the whole outfit more interesting. Don't you think the eagles are flying around me? They are having so much fun. Hahahahhaa.... XD

Sweater from 黑街

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