Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Alright, 3 papers down and many more to go. Haiz.. having my finals exam this week until end of the month, but I'm glad that the 3 major subject paper is done. Weee~~ at least can relax a little bit, but still have to study for other papers :( Really can't wait till everything is over, and I can really just sit back and relax. LOL... Have been so busy for the past 2 months, just look at this outfit post then you will know it was quite long ago cause my hair is still pinkish. Haha. Really no time to update la, so bear with me ok? :)

 But don't worry, whenever I have a little extra time, I will definitely update my blog :) So this shirt might be a little too colourful and complicated for some of you, but the diamonds and jewel prints remind me of the game that we use to play, with lots of diamonds, jewels and gems. I don't know what is it call la, but you know that game right? LOL *self assumption* I really like how the prints have so much details and colours, which bring some feel of vintage. But the funny part is, when my friends saw this shirt, they say that I look like those uncle that came out from the casino. Wtf??!! LOL. The shirt might be vintage, but my face not that old right? hahhaha.. I still think it looks fashion =p


Gold lion necklace

Pants from Zara

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