Saturday, July 13, 2013


So I guess many of you will know what is Simspon, who is Homer Simpson and of course his son Bart Simpson. Looking at my title of this blog post, I'm sorry to say that Bart is dead. LOL...I'm not really a big fans of Simpson, I still remember when I was younger, my sis and bro love to watch Simpson and I will rather watch other TV programmes. Maybe it's also because I don't fancy cartoon much, and I think that Simpson always do stupid things. XD

 But this t-shirt of Bart totally made me want it. Just look at his face, I think he is dead because he plays his skateboard on the road, and a car just bang him. Hahhahaa, ok I know I'm being lame in all this imagination. Totally wtf =.=  This outfit was taken back when the haze invaded Kuala Lumpur, and I still happily having my outfit shoot outdoor. (I just have to, for all my readers. XD) Now you know how much I sacrifice myself just for all of you. LOL... So I think it's because of the haze, the picture look a little gloomy and dusty? I have already tried my best in editing it. This the best that i can do. Hahhahaa *edit fail*

Since Simspon is a cartoon, I don't want to make the outfit look so childish. Although I think that this face is not so child friendly. LOL... But still, spike jacket and spike shoe still bring the edgy look overall. To enhance the outfit, a bright red pants was the perfect choice for me. I think my hair itself have already enhance the outfit. What do you think? LOL

Golden Spike necklace from Forever 21

Bart t-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Studded clutch from Ellui Accessories 

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