Friday, July 5, 2013


Hola! I just had my Spanish oral test recently, all I can say is SHIT!! Hahhaa..I have no idea what did I say during oral test, it's just like pouring everything I know out from my mouth. LOL. But I think at least I got some sentence correct. So I just finish all my assignment, FINALLY!! But my life is still stress and F up!! Finals is just next week, studying, studying and studying. Why is my life so stress!! Finish stressing for assignment, now finals is killing me, they are taking away all my beauty sleep time. :(

So this will be a short blog post, something that I would like to share. I believe everyone one of you will have a piece of denim shirt in your closet? I always say that denim is so versatile, a fashion element that will not fade away. So for this post, let me show you 5 ways to style a denim shirt, making one piece to many. 

 Minimalistic. Wearing a piece of denim is already effortlessly fashionable. On a  busy day, casual day, one denim shirt is just nothing more than suitable. 

 Okay, this outfit have nothing to do with holiday. LOL. It's just a prop that I found and wanted it to be in the picture. Wearing denim shirt as an outer layer, matching it with a t-shirt, bleach denim pants, another perfect denim match. 

 If you want to be more casual and street style, denim must not be worn on you. Having some layering concept, with striking print t-shirt, denim vest and denim shirt on waist.Who says you have to wear it? LOL

 Going for a more smart causal look, you could pair the denim as the inner layer of a sweater. Another concept of layering, just visualizing a minimal part of denim.

 And the last outfit to style the denim is going for the more edgy look, wearing it over with a leather jacket. 

So this is my 5 ways to style a denim shirt, I guess now your denim shirt is more valuable and versatile than you think huh? Go on and mix and match, do tell me if you have more ideas in styling a denim shirt. :) 

*back to study* FML :(

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