Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Arghhh!! I know that you guys will hate me for not updating my blog for so looong. I'm sorry :( I'm also hating myself for abandoning this space, but I really just can't help it. Let me tell you my reason before you start hating me kay? LOL (I know that you won't la. hehe) I have 10 assignment due in one month!! Yes, 10!! I am really gonna die by staying up late every night doing my assignments. Daytime is discussion, so night time is assignments. I have to squeeze every minute of my time, and luckily I manage to squeeze a few minutes out to update my blog here :) ..... then back to assignments. :( 

Sometimes whenever passing by shops that sells formal clothes, it will hardly catch my attention because I don't know why, mostly all formal clothes is in black,white,grey,brown = BORING. lol. So since it's summer, (for Malaysia always summer. haha) I think that we should wear something colourful, something that could brighten our day. 

So for this outfit, I was thinking should I go for smart casual? Casual? or Casual smart? LOL. Alright, it's indeed very confusing. So who cares? I just grab whatever that grabs my attention in the closet and just match it together. So it was this blue blazer and a floral t-shirt. I think that it's still fine to match a plain blue blazer with something that has more details and colour in the inside. And of course, wearing a t-shirt inside is always more comfortable. 

Floral t-shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】


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