Monday, June 24, 2013


Alright, if you have seen this pictures in my Instagram few weeks ago, you know that I was doing a photoshoot and I said that it was for an assignment of mine. (and I promise to blog bout it, so here it is) :) Before all of you think that my assignment is so fun and enjoying, you are wrong, let me clarify. 

My group was assign to create a media kit for the media for the launch of our own brand. For those that do not know what is a media kit, it's like a package of information about your company and product given out to the media. Inside the package usually include press release for the event and company, product information, invitation card and also any other promotional material as an attraction and souvenir to the media. *feeling clever* LOL

So for my group, we planned to come out with our own fashion brand, MITCH which derived from the word MIx and MaTCH. So it's just something for assignment, it's not real. We are not really launching this brand. LOL.. So now, let me show you our hard work and outcome of the media kit !! :)

Name card ( I label myself as fashion creative director) LOL


Invitation card (again, this is not real!!)
We also design a catalog for our collection :)

All outfit model by me . hehe :p

This is actually stickers, the white one is transparent sticker

And lastly, to put all material in a media kit, this is it. Transparent clutch. Classy and edgy.

So my team and I actually spend a lot of time doing this assignment. There is the writing part, and the most killing part is actually the design part. We are not design student, we do not even know how to design. But luckily thanks to one of our group member Felicia, she manage to design the brochure, the catalog, the calender and everything so creatively. And not to mention, this whole media kit is not cheap!! I really want to keep all the stuff, but too bad, it's all for the lecturer. :( But I'm really glad that we have hand in this assignment, and it's really a great satisfaction looking at our outcome. 

Lastly, thanks too all of my group members!! We are awesome :)
From left: Lekiyo Lee, Ong Ju Wei, Brian See, Wong Suek Yieng, Felicia Chong

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