Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hello everyone, it's already June and here is some good news for all of you. I am having my very first giveaway contest to all of my followers and readers :) *throw confetti* So in collaboration with I.S Phone Accessories, I will be giving away one iPhone4 and one iPhone5 phone cover. If you know how much I love studs and spikes, for this giveaway I will be giving away spikes phone cover!! 

Taadaa!! Do you want your phone to be a fashion icon too? Want your phone to be the most special? Then you have to win this phone cover home!! HOW TO WIN??!! Just go to this link>>>

Just follow a few easy steps:
Step 1: "LIKE" the picture
Step 2: "SHARE" the picture
Step 3: "COMMENT" on the picture on why you want to have the phone cover, and state down iPhone4 or iPhone5
Step 4: "LIKE" my page >>> Mr.Brian See

Just follow all steps, and you will stand a chance to win this awesome cool iPhone cover. I will be giving out iPhone4 and iPhone5 each. So there will be two lucky winner!! Hurry up and join this contest, because it's my first giveway, I don't think many people will join. LOL. So this means your chances of winning is higher. No harm done right? GOOD LUCK!! :)

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