Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yes, it's 12am on the dot now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! Wishing happy birthday to myself. I want to be the first person to wish me happy birthday, yayyy, I made it!! LOL

So I'm turning 20 this year, walking into the second decade of my life, I don't know should I be glad to grow up or sad to be growing older. But for me, I don't think 20 is old, it's just another stage in life with more things to learn and experience. When I was younger, birthday is always a big deal to me. I will remind my mum one month earlier, and countdown till my birthday so that she could throw me a party or at least remember to buy present for me. LOL. But when you start to grow older, birthday seems to be another normal day. This year, with assignments clashing with my birthday, I nearly forgotten that it's my birthday today. Hahhaaa... So due to the overload assignments, I do not even have time to plan and celebrate my birthday. But I'm glad that my family and friends still remember my big day :) Thank you so much

So do stay tune on my blog, more updates once all my assignment is done. Please don't abandon this page :) 

Once again, HARPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! hehe  

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....(^_^)
    U r rite...when start to growing older...birthday will juz a normal for me too...(>﹏<)


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