Saturday, June 15, 2013


  Woohoo!! So happy that it is finally weekend, and I'm feeling so bless that I can sleep till noon. Haha. With all my assignments, I have only been sleeping like 3 hours per day, and it really made me look like a walking zombie in uni. So I'm here now, putting my assignments aside first, and updating another outfit post!! Happy? LOL

This few pictures I know look much better than my other pics, because it was taken in a studio, with good lighting, good camera and also make up and hair all set nicely. All of this thanks to the courtesy of my assignment. If you are wondering how having assignment is related to nice pictures? Just wait, I will blog bout it soon. hehe :) 

So what do you think of this outfit? I know not many guys could accept too many flowers, bright colours, but this is what you should wear to be a flower boy (花美男).  HAHAHHAHA, joking joking. XD It's just that we have to change sometimes, step out of being boring, so why not try something floral. Since it's summer, and I can tell you, floral prints trends is the hit now. Floral jacket matched with details printed t-shirt, burgundy pants and bright red studded shoes, I fell that this outfit made me so playful and energetic. 

I think I could consider myself patriotic? Why? Just look at the flower that is on my jacket, it's Malaysia National Flower- hibiscus!! Awww, this shows how much I love my country. LOL

Floral Print jacket from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】

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