Saturday, May 4, 2013


If you do realize, in women's wear we are seeing a lot of leather. But this goes to men's wear too, because leather could always brings out the cool and edgy look. I still remember when I was back in high school, leather jacket was something that I was so obsessed to. I love wearing leather jacket for almost all of my outfit because it just makes me feel so cool. You know like how those cool bikers in movie and all those bad guys are so cool wearing leather jacket? LOL. But of course, there is always a downside for everything, like how thick a leather jacket could be. haha. Thinking back, I really don't know how could I wear a leather jacket and taking public transport going out.@.@

So recently, I am inspired by the fashion scene where I see many people wearing leather jacket, so I decided to go for it this time. (ignore the hot weather, and look cool for once. LOL) Looking at this outfit, the bright red leather jacket could really steal the spotlight, bright and vivid colours really do pulls the attention to you. haha. But to make the whole outfit more appealing, this snake skin studded pants really did some good job too. I really love the details of the studs on the pants, and I think the studs on the knee part is really a good defensive weapon. hahahaha.... Just imagine kicking your enemy using your knee, that person confirm KO!! LOL

Silver and Gold fish scale bracelet

Snake skin studded pants

Red Leather Jacket from 黑街
Snake Skin Studded Pants from 黑街

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