Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Alright, just recently I realize something in life after listening to Avril Lavigne's new song "Here's to Never Growing Up". I don't know is it just me or what, whenever I was at a young age, or maybe still in high school, I always hope that I could grow up faster. This is because I think that growing up faster could make me get more freedom and also have more fun in life. Check out her music video. (always like how she have smokey eyes make up, and only she looks so young and cool with it) 

So seriously, maybe until now I still hope to grow up faster but after listening to this song, I realize something that is so different from what I always think. So for you my readers that are still studying in high school, in university like me or even in primary? LOL... I just think that we should really enjoy what we are doing now. Although I hope to grow up faster, and get through all this assignment stress, but I do understand that when we do really grow up and step into the real world, the stress and problems that we have to face is so much more. As we grow older, our responsibility increases, so that means when we are working in the real world, we have to deal with shits from our clients and also our superior, and we just have to bear with it. :(

 Growing up is not just about the fun part, it means we have to be 100% independent and responsible for every action that we do, and that leads to our future. Sometimes I do miss the moment when I was a child, or a kid because there is no stress and nothing to worry about. I think the only thing that I worry is homework and whether I can watch my favourite cartoon channel. Hahahaha... So why hope to grow up faster while we could enjoy our life now at this moment. 

Don't worry, the time to grow up will still come. :)


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