Sunday, May 19, 2013


Oh yeah, my one week holiday break is finally here. Handed in the first wave of assignment and done with mid term exam, it should be time for me to relax myself awhile. Since it's holiday, my traveling mood is here so I decided to go to Penang this week. I have not been to Penang since many years ago (it's so long till I can't remember when was my last time)LOL. So if any of you know what's fun there, do leave me a comment :)

So for this outfit, it is just so dope. LOL. Just because I'm wearing this dope snapback, so I think it's dope enough. haha... Recently, I just love to mix casual and formal element together because looking at inspiration from various website, I feel that it's actually quite an awesome combination. 

So for this outfit, one simple white shirt match with my very dope snapback (LOL) is already an effortless outfit. I actually wanted to pair it with a blazer or something, but recently Malaysia's weather is killer hot. Even wearing this shirt makes me sweat like I came from a desert. Hahahahhaa... But with the spike collar and minimalistic accessories, it has created a more cleaner look. :)

Spike Collar shirt from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Dope Snapback from 黑街


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