Saturday, May 11, 2013


I am so sorry that I have not updated this space for a week. I did not realize it was that long because I am so busy with assignments due and exams coming next week. I am trying hard to deal with "them" (assignments and exams) when both of them always mash up on the same week. (I think it's a plan from lecturer to torture us. hahaha) So I think for this post, I will have a time limit to finish blogging it, because later I have to get back to assignments and studies again. :( 

So as mentioned, I am currently very busy with assignments, this outfit was taken a few weeks back. (when my hair still looks purple. The current condition of my hair colour is faded light pink) Alright, talking back about this outfit, if you guys do remember, I have mention that I love animal prints and how it is so vivid. So as you can see from this shirt, the owl totally attracted my attention in getting it. 

Just look at the eyes of the owl, it has made the whole shirt so interesting. I am not the person that really like things to go normal, especially in outfit, I seek for attractiveness. Shirt like this could really stand on its own without having too much matching. 

Got this screw ring from bazaar in uni the other day. 
Owl Shirt from 黑街


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