Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hello everyone, it's the weekend again and I hope that all of you is going to have some great fun. Recently the sun is just shining brighter than diamond, and it's also so burning. So shades has been my best buddy, and so I took some new outfit photo with "it" too. LOL.

For the sunny sunny hot hot weather here in Malaysia, I am trying very hard to just wear more simple. Like how this outfit is, just a simple t-shirt. So whenever I choose to buy a t-shirt, I would definitely consider how sophisticating the prints or design is, and how attractive it would be. This Givenchy inspired piece totally go relevant with the weather here, with bright floral prints, showing a whole new summer feel.

And you know what made this outfit special? Yes, the gold shoe that you can't miss. Haha. This shoe has been revive by me in the box. I think it has been kept in a box for almost a year, and I feel like I just awaken a big robot. It's finally back to life!! LOL. I like how things go simple with a little twist of excitement, like wearing this gold robot shoe that totally spice the whole look into something more attractive. (I should pose like a robot right? And wearing this shoe makes me imagine that I could fly off with it, something like iron man? HAHAHAHHA) 

Givenchy inspired t-shirt from 黑街

Black Cuff from 黑街

So that's all for this post, hopping away to my friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Bye!! :)

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