Monday, April 8, 2013


So lately, my classes has started and I am so afraid that I won't have enough time to blog anymore. (I hope that it won't happen) >.< But with all the assignment coming, I am really feeling the stress already. So there is some subject that my lecturer need us to wear formal or semi-formal. I am actually not a formal person, but if you need me to wear formal, I like to make things fun. :) So for this outfit, I'm not going for the typical black and white formal, but I paired it with my burgundy skinny pants. And if you realize, the studs on my shirt's pocket is DIY. :) Not saying formal is not good, formal could make you look professional, and sometimes even look smarter? LOL

If you don't want to look so formal, it is just as easy as wearing over a cardigan. So I plus this blue cardigan on my outfit, taa-daa!! The whole look will be more young and casual. It is very convenient if you are attending a formal event in the morning, and having a casual dinner with friends at night. This outfit will be your perfect choice. If you want to look more outstanding, wearing a glasses will do the job. Creating a whole new fun and edgy look ;)

Necklace from 黑街

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