Sunday, April 28, 2013


It was a school day..... Starting of this post with the sentence same as the title, just remind me of exam's essay questions during school days. But this is my favourite type of question to answer because I can just write and crap about anything. LOL. So I think this is what I'm gonna do now?

I somehow miss high school times, because we have uniforms to wear and it was so much easier then for me, because I do not need to think what should I wear for school. LOL. My problem now is, I have to think what to wear every single day, and I do not want to be too repetitive on my outfit. Some of you may think that I have new outfit everyday, but that is so wrong. I still scratch my head every night before I sleep to think what to wear. haha

So for this outfit, it was actually a normal school day. Never thought of taking an outfit picture today, but then you know, when class is too bored, and the day is boring, the only thing that could entertain me and my friends is taking picture. We would just go to the hallway, take our phones out (pictures are taken using phone, that's why it's kinda blur. hehe) and take turns to snap each other's outfit of the day. haha. *life of uni students* 

So for this outfit, I wanted to look formal but wear casual. So I actually wore a tank top and match it with a black blazer. I did not want the whole look to be so serious and formal, so 3 quarter pants simplify everything.

After all, it was a normal school day. So of course I like to go a little crazy with my uni mates and taking pictures is one of them. Look at how my friends is also quite alot like a poser like me, I think I got it from them. hahahaa.. *innocent face* So just enjoy uni life as much as you can, taking pictures is the best way to keep memories. 


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