Friday, April 12, 2013


Sometimes I wonder, am I a dreamer? Will what I dream and hope really come true? I have moments when I have insomnia or when I'm bored, I will tend to think about my dreams, about my future. How will it be and how I want it to be?

So I believe most of you have your own dreams, and I do realize that dreams and hope do changes from time to time. Still remember when I was a kid, teacher like to ask what do we want to be when we grow up? What is our ambition? I will always answer police, doctor, lawyer ( I have totally no idea how many years I need to study to have those occupation at that time. LOL) and I'm sure most of you answer the same too right? Haha

But then when we start to grow older, we will start to have our own passion and hobby. There was a moment in my life, somewhere around 12-15 years old, I love singing a lot.  Always watching singing competition on TV, just makes me want to be on the stage one day. I even told my mum that I want to be a singer when I grow up. But for now, this is not my dream anymore. I realize that I'm not good at singing, at that is not an option for my future. 

So during form 4/5, I started to love photography and also passion towards fashion. I love taking pictures, and till now I still do. But on that time, I thought that photography is my interest and hobby, but now I do realize that I love taking pictures of myself, and people taking pictures of me (I know, damn narcissistic) but it's true that it made me understand myself more. 

So for now, my main passion is fashion. It does not means that I want to be a fashion designer, (my drawing sucks, so I think I want also cannot, LOL) it's just that I love how fashion is so versatile and interesting. Importantly, it makes people looks good. ;) Haha. I know that everyone holds a dream and hope, wishing that it will come true one day. The same goes to me. My dream is actually to be featured in magazine, modelling for brands, and also walking the runway one day. I don't think it's wrong to believe and hold on on your dreams, because it's actually a motivation to make you work harder towards it. 

As for what I think, apart from just dreaming and hoping, we have to also do our best in reality. For me now, I'm studying PR and Event, I hope that I could finish my degree successfully, find an awesome job and live the life I want. Everything is not easy in life, and what we hope and dream could actually change anytime in life. So live your life to fullest at every moment, enjoy it and also believe in your dreams. Who knows one day opportunity knocks on your door, and dream may come true? 

As a conclusion, dreams and hope change when we grow older as we have different mentality and view on things. But it is a great process for us to understand ourselves more. So always stay optimistic, believe in your dream, hope for the best and do what you can at the moment. So what's your dream? :)


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