Thursday, April 4, 2013


So colours is in the air. I think it's kinda similar with love is in the air? LOL. You will now see green,blue,red,purple,yellow and many more bright colours everywhere. It's like when you are in love with someone, you will feel love, but now I'm so in love with colours, so you will see many of my outfit that is very colourful. Hahaha.... I just don't know why, but recently, colours has been my attraction. If you are wearing something with bright colour today walking pass me, you sure will catch my eyes. XD 

So to propose my love to colours, you can see that this outfit is also colourful. Having colourful top is already attractive, but with this prints, I think is much more interesting. If you will look closely, it's actually design of church glass. Not saying it's something to be with religion, I just like how the creativity is. :) 

Printed top from 黑街

Stainless Steel Accessories from Ellui Accessories


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