Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Yayy, I'm in a good mood now, cause I have just finish one of my assignment. So luckily I still have time now to blog about cotton candy. Haha. So what am I talking about, it's actually cotton candy on my head. lol. So if you do follow my  Instagram and FB page, you will know that I have dyed a new colour for my hair. So glad, finally it has succeeded. 

Posted this pic in Instagram, and many people thought that this was my new colour. Some even say "oh nooooo!!" LOL LOL LOL... This is just the colour after I bleach, I won't choose this colour for my hair la for sure. haha

Tahh-Dahhh!! Now let me show you the outcome of my hair. It's purple cotton candy!! (maybe it taste like grape flavour? LOL) I actually tried dying my hair purple before this too, (read this blog post) but because I did not bleach it, the outcome was very disappointing. But for this time, I am happy!! It is so purple and I like it. haha

So after washing a few times, the colour keep on fading. I am so sad whenever I wash my hair, because I will see the colour being wash off, and my shampoo will become purple foam. lol. But washing it a few times made the colour more lighter, which make it looking more like cotton candy. hehe. And I don't know how they dye my hair, as you can see, the bottom of my fringe have quite some contrast with pinkish and orangee colour. So for now, I just try not to wash my hair so often, because I do not want the colour to fade off, and eventually my hair becoming gold colour. That time really Oh Noooo!! XD 

So what do you think of my cotton candy hair?

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