Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello, Happy April Fool!! Anyone gotten fool today? LOL. Luckily my friends did not fool me today, and I am also a good boy, cause I did not fool anyone too. hehe. Alright, back to this post, it has nothing to do with April Fool. XD

Just that I have started my classes this week, and just the first class has already made me feel the stress. OMG!! So I really need something to cheer me up. As you can see for this outfit, it is so colourful, and colourful colours brings me happy mood!! :)

I really love how this sweater prints has all it takes for spring summer. You can see bright colours, flowers, and even animal prints (spot the big head cat/tiger/panther?) hahahahha.... What you need for this season is all on this sweater. Not just that, having prints that is so colourful and vibrant for your top, you do not need to think much on what to match for your bottom, because your top does all the work. It just made the whole outfit effortlessly attractive.

Sweater from 黑街
Golden Spike Hand Cuff from 黑街

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