Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I think that Born This Way will be very familiar to you, and yes, it's a song from Lady Gaga. Speaking about Lady Gaga, she is no stranger to anyone, and today I am wearing her on me. LOL. With the weather getting hotter here in Malaysia, it is really hard for people like me that likes layering outfit to find out something satisfying to wear. But since layering is my thing, I decided to make layering more minimalistic. HAHA.

So after going through my closet, I saw Lady Gaga staring at me, and then I decided to bring her out for a walk today. XD T-shirt is really an option for me now, because it's not so thick, and the quality of this t-shirt from Topman is just good. Why? Because the cotton is just so soft and thin, making air easier to be blow in my body. wtf  =.= LOL. To visualize the whole outfit, I matched it with my denim vest which is so vintage and contemporary at the same time. (vest is also a good layering option, sleeves which makes me not so hot!! hehe )

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  1. Just an opinion.. next time dont put ur finger near ur mouth.. make it more not like model...


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