Friday, March 8, 2013

Sometimes Life is Bored

Alright, hello everyone, I am here to update my blog again. Seriously before I start, I do not know what should I write. This will not be an outfit post, but a post of my current life. haha.. Or should I rephrase, my boring current life. I know many of you will like holidays, and I'm now having my 3 months holidays. Suddenly, I feel that 3 months it's a little too long for me. I am already getting bored and restless, having no idea what to do, or any plans for the next day. 

So the only fun thing I do is to blog. Blog about my new outfit, and to share what I think on my fashion. But recently I do not know whether do I still wanna continue, I don't know where this negative force is coming from, but I just feel that is there people out there that reads my blog? Maybe no one likes my blog, and they don't read, so I should just stop. :( So to my readers and followers, please do follow and read my blog often for updates, because it's really a great motivation for me to continue blogging. (unless you guys donwan me to blog? huh? hahahha...jkjk XD)

So if you do follow my Instagram(mrbriansee) , I think you will realize how boring my life is now. haha. Really sorry to bored you guys up. Hoping that when class starts, it will be more interesting? LOL... So since I have nothing to do at home, what do I do to pass time?  The answer is.. tv dramas and reality show. haha. 

So recently I am hooked up with Vampire Diaries, Revenge and The Face. 

So if anyone of you watch Vampire Diaries, I think you will know how addictive this drama is. Actually at first, I was not interested in this drama, but then my mum and my friend keep on telling me how nice and exciting this drama is. So then I started to watch the pilot. Yes, I started from season 1 (now it's already season 4) , and you know what? I am all addicted to it now. hahaha.. 

The next drama is Revenge. It's about this girl that went back to her hometown to seek revenge. hahahhaa. I know how obvious it is that it's related to revenge. But yeah, I can say that it's also a very awesome drama with lots of tension. All of them is so tricky (and I do adore how cunning and evil they could be. LOL) , they could really think of good plans to destroy someone. I think it's a skill too huh? XD 

Lastly, this reality show. It's call The Face. It's actually 3 supermodels Coco Rocha, Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova coach their own team of models to become the face. It's basically a reality modelling competition show that has lots of drama and diva elements in it.  (and that's what audience like right? haha) And of course I am so into this show because one of my favourite model, Coco Rocha is the coach. I really like how daring and how unique that she could always pose, and she is also known as the queen of posing. She could pose 160 poses in just 1 minute!! How insane is that. Watching this show always makes me to have the eager to do a photoshoot. Hahaha...

So this my boring life. So what do you think? Should I continue blogging, because all of you will read. or should I stop? Arghhhh!!! Please tell me what do you think, give me feedback kay :)

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