Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silver and Flower

 So this outfit will be another mix and match outfit. I love how different texture and pieces could mix together to create a totally different look or outfit. Many of you may think that I would not have problem in choosing what to wear, but that's wrong. Recently when I open my closet, I just realize something bad and good. The bad thing is, I have nothing new to wear. But the good thing is, it means I am not spending so much on buying new clothes. LOL. And with this issue on hand, I think it did provoke my creativity in mix and matching outfit. 

 So I found this dark grey top that I remember I bought last year, but yet have not wore for many times. The reason I love it is because there is silver embellishments on the shoulder. This element totally enlighten the whole outfit. Because of the low collar of the grey top, (and I have no buff chest. LOL), I paired it with a black floral print shirt inside to cover my skinny chest. HAHA. And spring is here, which means floral prints is coming back to life. 

You will never get wrong with floral prints at this time of the year. It is a must have and will see element on most of the S/S collection runway every year. You can have one piece of floral print shirt, keep it till next year spring, and it will be a must have item again. (tell you a secret, I got this floral print shirt last year. shhh..hahahaha)

Silver embellishments on the shoulder with floral prints.

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