Monday, March 4, 2013


Alright, sometimes this question bugs me awhile. Some people ask me, do I really think less is more? Could wearing less make an outfit more appealing, or wearing more will make it more interesting? So for me, I don't think that there is a definite answer. All I can say is, to wear appropriate according to occasions. Don't wear too little or less when you are going for an important event, and don't wear too much or complicated when you are just going for a casual date or dinner. For what I feel is, wearing less and simple is really comfortable, so when choosing your right outfit, don't just think to look good, but also think to feel good in it. :)

So for this outfit, I wanted it to be more minimalistic. So I paired this bluish green (I am not sure on what this colour is, made me confuse whether it is blue or dark green. Somehow made me suspect that I am colour blind. haha.. Tell me if you know ) shirt with a pair of jeans making it smart and simple.

Simple outfit should be matched with simple accessories.

Having a closer look on my shirt, there is actually little splattered paint details.

So do you think less is more? I just know that I feel good in this outfit, and hope that I'm looking good too. hehe :)

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