Thursday, March 28, 2013

G.I Joe Retaliation 3D

Hello everyone, just a short update for today's post. If you are an action film fans, I bet you know that G.I Joe is back, and is screening today at all cinema nationwide. I went to the premiere lately thanks to ChurpChurp for the invites, and I watched G.I Joe retaliation in 3D! Woohoo!! 

Basically I have watched G.I Joe:The Rise of Cobra back in 2009. But it was too long ago, so I actually have forgotten the storyline. But watching the sequel , I got back some memories (like I'm having Alzheimer's disease, LOL). So for this movie, Zartan has impersonate the President of the United Sates and frame G.I Joe as a traitor to the country. The main antagonist, Cobra Commander has an evil plan to dominate the world by eliminating the world's nuclear weapons. And there is where the retaliation plan of G.I Joe begins.

Speaking about the cast, if you are a fans of Korean actor, you won't want to miss out Byung-Hun Lee role as Storm Shadow in this movie. And for all the girl fans out there, watching it in 3D is awesome. Imagine looking at Byung-Hun Lee's muscles and abs in 3D effect? HAHAHAHA *crazy* 

So don't miss G.I Joe Retaliation in 3D !!
And here is a simple outfit of the day :)

Skull Head top from- 黑街
Skinny Jeans from - H&M
(sorry for the low quality of the pictures, cause I snap it using iPhone 5 >.< )

Handcuff bracelet- 黑街  
To have a great match with my top, I wore this skull head cap. A very skeleton day. Haha

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