Saturday, March 16, 2013


So since it's my sem break now, and I mentioned that I am very bored, so me and my friend plan to do something healthy. We plan to go for cycling. Ok, exercise it's actually not my thing, and I really do not like sports alot. (except hitting the gym 3 times a week) that's the only thing that I do to make me sweat. But then I think it's fun, to cycle once in a while, because the last time I cycle on a bicycle was around 2 years ago. 

So as planned, we went to Bukit Cahaya that is located at Shah Alam to cycle. So I am gonna blog bout my cycling trip. Woohoo!! haha. No outfit post,  so I think this is what happen when fashion blogger has no outfit to blog about. LOL. No lah!! I just wanna share my life, so please continue reading ok? Hehe :) 

See, the place is actually nice and fresh, full with sunlight and greens. So we rented a bicycle, and started to cycle around the place. It was actually fun at first, but when we have to cycle up hills, damn tiring!! LOL. But also very syok when we are cycling down the slope la, cause it's so fast. haha. But I wish got car to fetch us back up. haha. Damn exhausting to cycle up the hill. So at some point, we decided to push the bicycle up and walk. LOL.... *so lazy*

So the whole journey was actually cycling and taking pictures. So now let the pictures do the talking. And all these pictures shows how can we pose at anywhere effortlessly. LOL

A deer crossing signboard. But I don't see any deer. Monkey got alot la. LOL

See, I can even pose with a signboard. Anytime anywhere. hahahaha.....

With Pey Yan, a very good friend and partner in taking pictures. That's what we do most of the time. XD

With Mer Sie, we share the same hobby. Posing everywhere. Hehe

See me floating?? haha.... It's weird when I don't pose weird. :p

Another crazy one. I was actually trying to balance myself on the swing.

Look at my sweat, and you know how hot it is. But it's a good exercise though.
Yup, so that's all!! Glad that I sweat alot, and did some healthy exercise. And also glad to have friends to do it with me. Cycling and taking loads of pictures of course!! LOL :)

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