Friday, March 1, 2013

ChurpChurp CNYChurpOut

Hello everyone, March is here which means February is officially over. I just feel that February pass so fast (maybe because there is only 28 days this year LOL) , but I bet most of you enjoyed February because of CNY!! Although CNY is over, and everyone is back to work/school, but I am glad I spent a day for ChurpChurp's CNYChurpOut that was held on the 22 February 2013 at Vault Wine Bistro.

It was just a great event to usher the year of snake, and also a great gathering for all alphas, churpers and of course the ChurpChurp team members that contribute so much, to "Lou Sang" together.This is my first time attending ChurpChurp's event as an alpha, and I am very honored to be invited to join this event. 

At the entrance, there was this Chinese traditional calligraphy booth where you use ink and brush to write down your new year wish, and I totally failed in writing. LOL. I think my last time writing Chinese calligraphy was when I was in form 3, and I sucked that time too, so now worst!! Hahha... But yet, it is a great moment to try it out again (after so long..XD)

Vault Wine Bistro is actually located at Glomac Damansara, and is a restaurant and retail wine shop that serves one of the finest Spanish foods in town. Their menu covers an array of scrumptious food ranging from tapas, salads, soups, sausages and pastas. I really love how the environment is so relaxing, and what's best? They serve WINE!! Variety of wine from Italy, France, Australia and more.

Few table long "Yee Sang" that is all ready to be "lou". haha. So what's next?
"Lou Sang" moment!!
There was also many games and activity on that night, as an ice breaking session.So that everyone could know each other, and also there are many prizes to be won!! But it was a great pleasure meeting many people too!! :)

With Spellman :)
With the fun and awesome ChurpChurp team!!
With other Alphas, Dan Khoo (second left) and Andrew Xander (second right)
Dan Khoo from DanKhoo Productions :)

With Yang Bao Bei
 So that's about it, remember to support ChurpChurp!! :)

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