Friday, February 8, 2013

When Random Strikes My Brain

Hello everyone, it's so so fast, February is already here and CNY eve is just tomorrow. Is everyone of you already in your CNY mood? I bet most of you is just ready to collect ang pau (red packets) right? LOL... I don't know why, I totally did not feel the CNY mood with me this year. Maybe when you grow older, you won't be so eager in looking forward for CNY. But the one thing that I like so much of CNY is that this is the ultimate reason for me to shop more. haha 

Alright, so recently I went to 2 movie premiere. All thanks to ChurpChurp :) The first movie that I watched was "Journey to the West" directed by Stephen Chow. It is actually based on the Chinese classic tale, but this story talks about a young demon catcher's journey in fighting demons along his way and obstacles that he encounter. If you are looking for a movie to laugh, this movie will obviously do the work. There is so many comedic elements in the effects, storyline and also the script, mainly because the director is Stephen Chow, so obviously there is his "feel" in the movie although he did not make an appearance. And if you are a fan of Show Luo (罗志祥), you will want to watch it too, because he has a role too in this movie!! =)  

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

The other movie that I watched is "A Good Day to Die Hard" directed by John Moore. If you are more in action, then this movie will be just right for you. If you have watched all the previous movie of Die Hard, you will know what the story is about and the character (I have not watch any one of it) so I am quite confuse. But after watching it, the story is about a father going to Russia to save his son, but found out the secret identity of his son, and then they fight bad guys together. Yes, there is alot of shooting, fighting and awesome car crashing scene, watch it and you will know what I'm saying about. LOL

A Good Day to Die Hard

Btw, I bet all of you have already bought your new year clothes? I believe there is some of you that just could not resist it and wore it already? hahaha...  There is so many outfit that I wanna post, but I have to wait till CNY. So readers, please be patient with me as I will post it up as soon as possible =) But here is a short outfit post for the moment. (how can I not make an outfit post in my blog?) LOL

Fox printed long sleeve from Bangkok matched with black long pants. I did not want to look like I was in a pyjamas, so I tuck in to have a better body ratio. Wearing my new shark teeth snapback :)

So that's all for this post, wishing all of you HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Do stay tuned on my blog for more outfit updates. =)


  1. nice out fit :)
    btw i envy cos u got the JTTW Premiere tix ^_^

    1. thank you. haha, just stay tune with ChurpChurp, they have more movie premiere coming :)


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