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Any Paramore fans out there? If you are one, I bet you went to the Return of Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2013 concert that was held on the 17th February 2013 at Stadium Negara. I am so glad that I went this time, because I totally missed their last concert here at Malaysia during 2010. So how can I miss such awesome rock concert once again? 

Paramore lead singer - Haley Williams.
For those that do not know who is Paramore (you should really get to know more about this awesome band) , Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York.

When I arrived at the stadium around 6pm, the main door was already packed with hundreds of Paramore die hard fans,  waiting for the door to open, just to grab the best view and the closest view of the concert. Around 8pm, the concert started with special guest performance by Philadelphia-based post-hardcore rockers Me Without You. But on my opinion, I think it's a really long performance from a special guest, as they sang for almost an hour, and everyone in the stadium is eagerly waiting for Paramore to perform. 

Fans that is all ready to rock the night with Paramore!!
 And finally the moment has arrived, at 9pm Paramore started the show with their lastest hit track "NOW" that vowed everyone in the stadium including me. The band then delivered many other hits track from their albums including hits like Brick By Boring Brick, Decode, Monster that made the whole atmosphere so energetic and the crowd jumping and shouting just for them. At the end, Paramore did 18 songs, and I am totally impressed with the stage performance of the band and also Hayley's awesome vocal. It was such a awesome rocking concert!! 

This is the energy that Hayley gave the crowd and how she rock the stage!! *salute*
  Alright, so for now, what did I wear? haha...How can I not blog bout my outfit right? 

So when I was choosing my outfit, I was thinking what should I wear to a rock concert? I can't wear something to thick, because I know that I will totally jump and shout, it will be too hot for me. So I decided to matched a baroque print t-shirt that is so vivid in colour with my studded denim vest. And I like how the light colour denim vest matched perfectly with the t-shirt that is more lively which did not end up making my top too overwhelming. As for my pants, I chose this harem pants that I would usually don't wear to special occasion because I feel that it is too casual and comfortable. But for a rock concert, I would love the word comfortable. LOL. I could totally jump and move around like crazy in harem pants comfortably. 

Snake rings. (for the year of snake?) LOL
Black and gold studded accessories. This rocks!!

Paramore concert pictures credits to Livescape Asia 

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