Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! How is your CNY going on so far? Finally I have the time to stay at home today and blog, because the first and second day of CNY is always busy for me. Hopping from one relative house to another. HAHA... But really lucky that all my relatives stay in KL, and my hometown is in KL. I do not have to travel far, or to be stuck in jam for hours. 

So I think most of you is having a good time during this festive season, and all I do is eat,eat and eat. And yes I am so happy that I can blog today, because I wanna blog bout my new outfit :)

So varsity jacket and galaxy prints has been a hit in stores lately, so what bout combining both of them together? I found this wonderful galaxy print varsity jacket from a blogshop, and totally I'm in love with the details. 

I have no idea why, but I always have great impulsive  towards galaxy prints. And what I like about this jacket is the details of the leather sleeves matching it with the galaxy prints. It's not so overwhelming which makes the whole outfit looks just perfect. And don't you think when you stare at the galaxy, you could imagine how the universe is moving, and how it makes the whole look so vibrant? (or maybe it's just me going crazy, LOL) 

Tadaaa!! Always wanted this spike cap but have no idea on how to match it. So I decided to go on with this outfit. After trying it on, I realize that this spike cap is really very versatile in outfit. As you all know, wearing a cap could be very casual, but with a cap that is full of spikes, it comes with the edgy and fashion feeling. So wearing this cap never go wrong. Hehe...

Galaxy Varsity Jacket/ Spikes Cap from Babeyiyi Boutique

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