Monday, February 4, 2013


I believe that everyone of you will have some lazy days sometimes? Same goes to me, sometime when I wake up, and I have to go out, I will be just so lazy to think what to wear or how to match my outfit. So for days like this, I like to go simple.

Wearing a bright blue colour pants, you can totally afford to match with something simple and plain on the top. So, I matched it with this catty miao white t-shirt, and I love how the prints of the t-shirt enhance the overall visual. I also love to match something simple with something bright. The vibrant colour of the pants resulting the whole outfit to be so vivid.

And if you guys do realize, I smile quite alot in this shoot. It's because one of my followers in Facebook says that I look good when I smile, and I should smile more. So listening to her advice, I tried to smile more. So what do all of you think? Smile? :)

Actually this cat resemble an American pop singer/rapper. Can you guess who it is? Comment below :)

Accessories of the day, simple outfit with simple accessories. ^^

So this is how most of my lazy days will look like :)


  1. your follower is right! :) You look SO CUTE when you smile!!:D

  2. Hey, I have nominated you for Liebster Award. (FYI, this is NOT SPAM) I've tagged you in my post. Please do visit and have fun.
    sincerely, Yuen xoxo :)

  3. Yes, you're looking good when you're smile. Love your smile. :D


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