Friday, February 22, 2013


Come on, let's join the military. Hahaha, I was just joking. I think I would never want to join the military, and thank god I was not chosen to join the national service in my country. This blog post title is totally something that I would not even think about in my life, but it is totally relevant for this outfit post. :)

 Do I look like I am in the army? LOL.. I actually don't think so. XD But the main point is, I am totally in love with this camouflage sweater that I found from Zara. I know that camouflage has been a trend lately, and many celebrities has been seen wearing camouflage outfit. So I totally wanted to have one in my closet. So thank god, because while I was shopping in Zara, (and it was sales time) this sweater totally caught my attention. So I don't find any reason for not bringing it back home. Haha

So for this outfit, I matched a white shirt with studded collar inside and pair it with camouflage sweater as the outer layer. I really like how layering makes the whole outfit more appealing. I know that it is really hard to wear such thick layer out, especially living in a country like Malaysia. Whenever I am all dress and ready to go out, my mum will definitely ask me that how can I even stand wearing thick clothes out with weather that is so hot. LOL... I think I just got used to it and it is the price to be fashionable. haha... That's why, sometimes I really hope that there is winter in my country, and layering outfit will be my main option. So I think I will travel to winter country one day just to have a chance to wear awesome winter outfit. HAHA

I feel that this 3 stars is also very special, because it makes the whole outfit not so boring and also, it makes me feels like I'm some kind of general. hahahaa
Camouflage sweater from Zara

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