Saturday, February 16, 2013


So this is actually a backdated post on my outfit for my friend's farewell dinner. Just last week, I had a farewell dinner with a bunch of other friends for my school mate because she will be leaving to Australia to continue her studies. 

 I had some dilemma to whether wear something casual or formal to this dinner. I bet some of you have faced the same situation before, that you are afraid wearing shirt will be too formal, but wearing t-shirt will be too casual? 

 Don't take it wrongly that wearing a shirt will look formal. Why not mix and match something with your shirt, I'm sure somehow there is a way to "casualize" the whole outfit. So for this outfit, I matched my black shirt with a contrasting cardigan to make it more casual, and also pairing it with a pair of grey jeans. No blazer, no slacks, this is not formal. LOL...

MCM inspired clutch and Hermes inspired bracelet
Gold Spike Collar Pin and Gold Spike Cross Chain. They are not a set, but I think that they match each other perfectly well. :)

So now you could wear something that is not all formal nor all casual. I think this is my way of smart casual. :) 

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