Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Da One

Hello everyone, I am finally back from my Bangkok trip and finally have the time to blog. It has been so long since my last post, and I just can't wait to update something here before all of you start forgetting about my blog. So for today, I won't be blogging bout Bangkok yet, because I have loads of pictures that I have not even filter. Hope that I will blog bout it soon :)

Met some friends on this Sunday afternoon in the mall, so I decided to wear something simple and thin because the weather lately is just too hot. Not just that, I did a photoshoot today for one of my friends blog shop, and I can't wait for the outcome. So do stay tuned for the final pictures. 

My outfit for today is simple and black. Wore this Rihanna's printed singlet that I bought from Bangkok that was real cheap and matched it with my black cardigan. I wanted to keep my outfit black, so of course the colour choice for my pants will obviously be black too. Lastly matching the whole outfit with my grey boots, I really like the whole feel of this coordinate, which actually deliver the ragged street style. Wearing singlet is just very comfortable especially in Malaysia, and who says singlet has no style? :) 


I also matched this outfit with my DIY spike snapback and wore it with shades. Something different too.
Armcandy of the day- Gold and Black Studded Bracelet
Double Cross ✞✞
Elastic spike band from Jetedeesire
Rihanna printed singlet from Bangkok. Obscene?
So what do you think of my simple black outfit?


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    1. Thank you so much ^^ do follow my blog for more outfit updates =)


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