Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Hello everyone, and wishing all of you a very Happy 2013!! I bet that many of you have already started your classes and also work, but for me I am still in my holidays!! So how did all of you celebrated new years eve on Monday? As for me, I actually worked on New Years Eve. I got an job offer at Curve , so I worked from 7pm-10pm but my job scope was really very simple, so I enjoyed it. After 10pm, me and my friends went to Solaris Mont Kiara for the countdown. It is actually quite happening there because the place was packed, but I believe it's NYE, so everywhere and anywhere where people can party will be pack. HAHA . 

Celebrating New Year for me this year was actually very simple, a small gathering with my friends along the roadside and waiting for the clock to tick at 12am. There were also fireworks, it is indeed very beautiful and I was enjoying it, but because it was too near, there were some scraps falling from the sky, and I am afraid that it will hit or hurt my eyes. So I was in a condition where I was trying to enjoy the fireworks but also trying to close my eyes preventing those scraps falling into my eyes. After the fireworks, me and my friends just went to a mamak, sit down and have a break. That's all for my celebration, boring right? LOL.

My all time partner in crime- Spellman
We have to pose !!
Fireworks with 2 sexy ladies. HAHAHAHA
Bff- Pey Yan and Spellman
So it is already 2013, a new year. We should have a new expectation and also new resolution. Still remember that I blog about my 2012 resolution, I realize that I did not even fulfill half of it. So as for this year, I really hope that I could achieve it. My 2013 resolution will be: 
  1. Study hard to achieve better results (no procrastinating and last minute revision, and also pay more attention in class)
  2. Get more freelance job and earn more extra money
  3. Participate more in events and hope that there will be more sponsors
  4. Achieve more followers for my FB page and also Instagram: mrbriansee
  5. Keep up with my gym and gain more weight
  6. Travel with family and friends (spend more time with love ones) 
  7. Hopefully have chance in modelling and TVC jobs (to be feature in magazine/commercial) 
I know that it is really hard to achieve everything, and things won't go as smooth as you wish, but setting a target in life is better than having no decision in future. So let's hope all of us will have a great 2013 year ahead, and dreams will come true. So what's your 2013 resolution?

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